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Shirron has been building and importing products from Taiwan and China for over 25 years. We have assembled a network of manufacturers and suppliers covering a wide spectrum including metals, plastics and sewing. We typically work with domestic manufacturers to help them in building parts or assemblies that are difficult to source or build in the U.S.

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In the twenty five years that Shirron has been doing business overseas, we have done about every conceivable project possible with metals.


We have also done a number of plastic related projects. These projects would include parts made for the military and automotive industry including tooling that was built for domestic use.


We have many years of experience with sewing production as well. We have operations that can handle the smaller projects as well as facilities with over 500 sewers.

Beer Products

Over the last few years, we have taken our love and interest in our home brewing hobby to research products being used by the home brewer and the draft beer market



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