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In 1982, Shirron was started as a small family business. We began providing quality parts and products for domestic manufacturers. Shirron ensures the highest quality standards by enlisting a team of manufacturing experts in Taiwan, with an extensive background in mechanical engineering and quality control procedures.

After 25 years of building parts for the US Military and companies like Wal-Mart, we changed our focus to the beer dispensing market in 2007. This change started small with some products aimed toward the homebrewing market. Several years later we were building products for some of the most well known companies in the beer dispensing industry.

We look forward to continue working with the innovators in the beer dispensing field. As the beer market continues to grow, the creative-minded people who build parts for the industry continue to come up with more creative ideas to get beer into the glass.

 Our goal is to continue building parts for and supporting companies with high quality products that meet or exceed their expectations.

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